The swiss band, which is composed by four international musicians plays in a standard setting but doesn`t make standard sound!


They play and perform, combining their music with impressive lyrics and an impulsive show on stage. With a big thanks, Shezoo said: “it`s funny how the outer world is presenting us as bigger and more serious than we actually take ourselves.” On stage Shezoo occurs daring, wild, honest and funny.  After their performance you may find them with a beer in their hands, relaxed and down to earth chatting at the bar to their fans.


If you want them to play, they will play for you! Loaded with energy they`ll do their show and thereby conquer new hearts over and over again.


Inspired by the golden 80ies, they fall for all kinds of music - rock, hard-rock and metal.


Shezoo, meaning Micha on the guitar, Ralf on the bass guitar, Jerry on the drums and with Natacha the wild and charismatic front singer, they obliged themselves to Heavy-rock since 2006. Started by then, their sound has established an own strong-willed soul, that binds You to the groove.


Always trying to reach by facing their aims they`ve played with musicians like Matt „Gonzo“ Roehr, Shakra, Bonafide, Blaze Bayley, Rhino Bucket, Van Canto, In Legend, Cudda and various other bands. November 2018, they played several concerts with the legendary Nazareth. After more than one hundred concerts played with their heart and soul, they still want to rock all upcoming stages with energy and power.


Shezoos latest CD 'agony of doubt’ got an overwhelming resonance, which you can fallow and read in magazines such as 'Rock Hard’, `Aardschok`, 'Heavy’ or 'Rock it’. Online you can find (many) reviews, interviews and much more, coming from all over the world.


With support from Mr. C, Iguana Studios, Axel Friedrich and Jan Yrlund, Shezoo has produced new albums which, live, hit you off your feet and at home their music might awaken you.

Shezoo will always dedicate themselves in a passionate way to Heavy Rock.




Shezoo (2006) – sold out

Zoo Book (2008)

Open Zoo (2011)

Change (2014)

Agony of Doubt (2018)







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